About AMPL

Aerospace Materials Private Limited (AMPL) was founded by Mr. R. Muthusamy, then Managing Director and Mr. A.M. Palanisamy, the present Chairman. Further promotor directors & share-holders were inducted and the company was incorporated in 1988.

AMPL has been manufacturing Rayon-based Carbon Fabric since 1993 and supplies have been executed to ISRO and other Government Institutions.

AMPL has the credit of manufacturing Rayon-based Carbon Fabric for the first time in India with complete indigenous process.

AMPL has the production capacity of 1,80,000 Sq.Mts of Rayon-based Carbon Cloth per annum with full fledged infrastructure housing production centre, laboratory, Stockyard R & D centre, Inspection and Evaluation Room etc.

AMPL is situated on the Coimbatore-Pollachi National Highway No.209 on the land of about 16.25 acres.

AMPL now has the end-to-end capability from yarn to composite products through three different establishments.